Mt Pleasant Station wins Premier's Rural Sustainability Award
Friday, 6 Nov 2015

Last night Mt Pleasant Station's Jamie Gordon and Garlone Moulin proved they are leading the way in sustainable beef production by winning the Rural Award at the Premier's Sustainability Awards.

The award, sponsored by AgForce Queensland recognises the achievements of Queensland producers who have developed a sustainable and profitable agricultural business, while demonstrating improved environmental and on-farm performance.

The award is well-deserved for the husband and wife team who have undertaken Grazing BMP and worked tirelessly to ensure their 13, 825ha property is managed sustainably.

"We have demonstrated that you can not only stop the decline in pasture and land condition, but you can actually improve it as you run a profitable, commercial enterprise - we will continue to build on that," Garlone Moulin said.

"The changes we have made to our grazing management have and will continue to provide the best level of drought tolerance possible. We believe that continual monitoring of all aspects of the operation ensures our farm business is purpose-driven, not profit-driven."

The graziers have utilised the Grazing BMP program as part of a process of constant re-evaluation at Mt Pleasant, which motivates change across their practices and improves their drought resilience.

In 2010 Jamie explains they introduced Nguni cattle to their property under the belief that the cattle needed to match their environment, rather than forcing the environment to support cattle that were not suited to it.

 "The health of our natural resource base must be managed for maximum performance." Mr Gordon said.

"It's a cyclical effect - the health of our landscape determines the health of our animals. Our goal is quality food from healthy animals, grown in a healthy environment to feed our community."

The family are now marketing some of their Nguni meat products direct to the consumer and have improved their on-farm outcomes by doubling their gross margin per animal and increasing their carrying capacity by 35%.

Grazing BMP Industry Coordinator Michael Taylor said the award was an excellent recognition for Jamie and Garlone as leaders in sustainable grazing.

"Mt Pleasant Station shows how changes in grazing management practices can change the condition of the landscape, and contribute to increased drought resilience," Mr Taylor said.

"Not only is it a great result for their property, but it's also a great result for graziers. It's a demonstration that graziers are doing the right thing, and committed to being good stewards of their land."

Read the full media release here - Mt Pleasant Station wins Premier's Sustainability Award

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