Webinar to address biosecurity concerns for busy landholders
Monday, 7 Sep 2015

AgForce Projects will deliver a free webinar focussing on coal seam gas and biosecurity to landholders next week.
The webinar - called 'CSG and Biosecurity: Protecting your property' - and will discuss what landholders need to consider about their biosecurity with coal seam gas on property.

The webinar will run from 2pm to 3pm, Tuesday 15 September 2015.

CSG Project Leader Daniel Phipps said while it was always important to hold workshops and field days in the regions, being able to deliver a webinar was essential for landholders that cannot always afford to take time away from their property.

"AgForce Projects understand that one of the major issues for landholders, when it comes to coal seam gas negotiation, is time taken away from the property.

"We have held several webinars in the past 18 months and have seen a great response from landholders eager to remain informed but are flat out attending workshops, negotiating with a resource company and staying on top of their farm business. We are happy to be able to provide an alternative option for landholders to remain informed but also remain on property."

The Project Leader said that biosecurity had become a significant concern for landholders, partly due to the increase in coal seam gas activities occurring on property.

"Landholders that have CSG activity occurring on property will find the webinar useful because it discusses conduct and compensation considerations in regards to biosecurity as well as obligations resource companies are subject to," Mr Phipps said.

The webinar will also cover: Baseline data to gather during CCA negotiations (CCA-Conduct and Compensation Agreement); Benefits of using a property map and plan in negotiations; Assessing risks and managing weed introduction and spread by people, vehicles and equipment; Resource company obligations under the Land Access Code (LAC) and Compliance provisions.

Landholders that are unable to attend the webinar are encouraged to register anyway, as the session will be recorded and provided electronically to all registrants.

To register click here.

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