Research Forum draws keen crowd in Roma
Wednesday, 2 Sep 2015

Over 80 attendees attended the special event, Research Forum: Agriculture and Coal Seam Gas, which was through partnership between the University of Queensland (UQ), the Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA), Department of Agriculture (DAF) and Fisheries and AgForce Projects.

Director of the UQ Centre for CSG, Professor Andrew Garnett said that holding these research forums were important for the Centre, as well as other researchers, because it was a great opportunity to communicate their findings and get landholder feedback. As a result of the UQ research a range of measures of the impacts of CSG on farm production and profitability and strategies to manage these impacts will soon be available.

"Finally results are emerging from these research projects and we no longer need to fall back on anecdotal evidence to inform us on the industry. It's also the right time to roll this scientific conversation into the community and get feedback from the landholders that are dealing with resource companies," Mr Garnett said.

Richard Golden, a producer from Yuleba said events such as the Roma forum were crucial for landholders dealing with coal seam gas and it was important for landholders to provide their own input.

"The legislation allows landholders to get reimbursed for reasonable, associated professional costs as determined by the landholder and agreed in the Conduct and Compensation Agreement (CCA)."

"Landholders need useful information to guide the estimation of those costs and that useful information comes from these types of events and research projects," Mr Golden said.

"It's hard to take another day away from work, since you are already spending time away from your property to negotiate, but these days are useful and they need more landholder input to make sure they know what's going on 'on the ground'."

The CSG Project will continue to deliver information sessions and workshops as well as hosting biosecurity and groundwater field days to ensure landholders are as informed as possible.

Upcoming workshops are:

  • CSG and Biosecurity Webinar: Protecting Your Property - Tuesday 15 September
  • Condamine Advanced CSG Negotiation Support workshop - Tuesday 22 September
  • Tara Advanced CSG Negotiation Support workshop - Wednesday 23 September
  • Dalby Advanced CSG Negotiation Support workshop - Thursday 24 September

Producers that are interested in attending any AgForce Projects events should visit

These workshops are delivered with the support of the Queensland Government, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Queensland Resources Council and the GasFields Commission Queensland.

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