CSG impacts on groundwater in focus at Chinchilla field day
Monday, 25 May 2015

Producers will have the opportunity to attend a Groundwater Field Day in Chinchilla on Tuesday 23 June and learn about the potential impacts CSG activity has on groundwater in the region.

The field day will address key landholder concerns regarding the impact the CSG industry has on groundwater, as well as provide information about the importance of the make good process and how groundwater investigations work.

AgForce Projects CSG Project Leader Daniel Phipps said potential groundwater impacts from the CSG industry is a key concern for landholders and this is an opportunity for landholders to have their questions answered.

"AgForce Projects recognises that landholders are seriously concerned about groundwater impacts and this field day is our opportunity to provide independent information to ensure all landholders are as informed as possible," Mr Phipps said.

Guest speaker Dave Free, Chief Hydrogeologist, CSG Compliance Unit, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, will present information about regional hydrogeology, projections for groundwater impacts in the Chinchilla district and the groundwater investigations process.

Mr Free said water bores in the area are covered under the Surat Underground Water Impact Report, which predicts where groundwater impacts are likely to occur and requires that bore assessments and make good agreements be entered into before any predicted impacts occur. 

 "UWIRs model groundwater systems, assess the likely impacts of water extraction by a coal seam gas tenure holder and propose integrated strategies for managing these impacts," Mr Free said.

A representative from the CSG Compliance Unit will also be presenting on the day to provide further information on baseline assessments and the role of the Department in Make Good negotiations.

Mr Phipps said the groundwater field day was a must for any landholders in the area dealing with the CSG industry.

"If you have CSG activity occurring on your property it's important to understand potential impacts on your property and in your region, but also to know what your rights are when it comes to Make Good and how important bore baseline assessments are."

The field day will provide an in-depth look at the make good framework and what landholders need to consider when negotiating a Make Good agreement.

Event Details:
Chinchilla – Tuesday 23 June, 9am to 2pm.

Cost is free but registrations are essential. For more information or to register visit www.agforceprojects.org.au

AgForce Projects CSG Project is delivered free with the support of the Queensland Government, the GasFields Commission Queensland, the Queensland Resources Council and Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association.

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