There are many different types and variations of fences. Which one/s best suits you and your property will depend on budget, terrain, soil and types of pest/s to keep out. 

Don't forget the important question of return on investment and how long it will take for the fence to pay for itself and put dollars back in your pocket. 

Below please find links to various fence suppliers, case studies, scientific studies and other info to help you make your decision about whether you should invest in fencing and what type/s are best for you. 

We recommend that you visit these websites regularly to stay up to date with developments on pest and wild dog management:Fencing suppliers:Case Studies and other information:
  • Grazier Tim Williams from 'Banff Downs' near Morven put in exclusion fencing in 2012.  The reduced impact from wild dogs and feral pigs has resulted in average lambing rates across 'Banff Downs' of 96% - compared to their lowest pre-fence rate of 40%.  See the full case study here.
  • Grazier Alan Forrest used electric fencing on his property 'Gordonvale' at Ilfracombe in Central QLD and 'Logancrail' in the Traprock region of Southern QLD. Learn from his experiences here.
  • John and Penny Taylor from 'Accord', Longreach are replacing their boundary fence and in this case study had completed 25%.  Read through their case study here.
  • Read this Wild Dog Electric Fencing Fact Sheet from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Do Australians learn from their mistakes? A very interesting and informative study into predator fencing in Australia - Predator-proof fences for biodiversity conservation: some lessons from dingo fences.
  • Will Roberts from 'Victoria Downs' near Morven and Stephen Tully from 'Bunginderry' near Quilpie provided a land managers perspective on collaborative area management otherwise known as cluster fencing. Both of these men are very passionate about the benefits of fencing and are more than willing to share their experiences.
    Read through this case study as well as fact sheets and frequently asked questions from South West NRM here.
  • Is spending all that money on a fence worth it? Every business is different so we encourage you to do the sums for your own enterprise. Ian McLean from Bush Agribusiness developed this fact sheet outlining what you need to take into consideration before spending any large amount of money. Click here to view this fact sheet.
  • 10 Common electric fencing mistakes by Mike Thomas of Gallagher.  

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