Shooting and Trapping


Shooting of wild dogs is generally opportunistic, unless you have the time to focus on them using various calling, stalking or stakeout techniques.

Here are some videos that show how it can be done:


In Queensland you are legally allowed to use rubber lined or steel jawed traps, however under animal welfare laws you are not allowed to inflict unnecessary pain on an animal.

The older style Lanes traps (see Traps Fact Sheet here) should be modified by either filing the serrated teeth off the inside of the jaws or turning the jaws around and adding an offset similar to what would occur when the teeth are filed off. 

For more details, please watch this video by Jim Miller – trap types, lures and equipment.

The modern traps are far more popular now as they are smaller, faster and very strong.  They can also be adjusted to greatly minimise the changes of catching non target species. 
There are half a dozen brands available and its best to contact trapping suppliers for which to buy for your purposes.

Watch these videos for some ideas on what type of traps to buy and how to set them up for use in the paddock:
For further information on traps, contact these Queensland
Rubber lined wild dog trap - Picture courtesy of Darren Pointon

Rubber lined wild dog trap with aftermarket large pan – photo courtesy of Darren Pointon

trapping suppliers:
If you want to know where exactly to put traps on the many thousands of acres of territory covered by wild dogs in your area, these videos by very experienced trappers will give you some tips:
You can also use your own dog to show you where best to put traps:
Here's a series of further instructional videos showing how to put traps in the ground:

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