Leasehold Land Project

Funding for the Leasehold Land Project ended 30 September 2012.

The Leasehold Land Project assisted primary producers with leasehold land to undertake the Delbessie lease agreement process.

The Delbessie Agreement (State Rural Leasehold Land Strategy) was initiated in December 2007 and effects tenures that are a term or perpetual lease, 100ha or more, term of 20 years or more or rural leasehold land.

Jane and Ken Marsterson were the first landowners to sign a Delbessie lease agreement.

The Marstersons' property, Craig's Pocket, in North Queensland underwent a land condition assessment by Department of Environment and Resource Management officers, followed by negotiations on how to maintain or improve land condition.

The State Government granted the Marstersons a 40-year lease term instead of the standard 30-year term because the property had good land condition, soil and biodiversity.

Note: Rural leasehold land leases are leases for agricultural, grazing or pastoral uses – they do not include leases over land within a reserve, state forest, timber reserve, national park, or other Nature Conservation Act 1992 tenures.

This course was delivered by AgForce Projects at no charge to all landholders through State and Federal Government partnerships.

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