Funding for AgForward ended in September 2012

The AgForward project helped more than 11,000 Queensland landholders affected by the Vegetation Management Act, one of the biggest issues to hit Queensland landholders.

Through funding from the State Government, AgForward staff provided free workshops and one-on-one assistance to help producers understand the vegetation management laws, dispute incorrectly mapped areas and secure cleared farming areas by applying for a Property Map of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV).

The project also delivered vital skills and technology to producers including GPS and property computer mapping workshops and spatial imagery to help landholders develop skills to improve property planning and management.

While AgForward is no longer delivering free computer mapping workshops, a limited number of digital mapping workshops will be delivered through AgForce Projects' Landholder CSG Project.

AgForce Projects is also delivering property computer mapping workshops for a fee in the Fitzroy Basin region in conjunction with the Fitzroy Basin Association Grazing Training Reimbursement Program

Check the events calendar for upcoming dates.

These services are also available through AgServices, the fee-for-service arm of AgForce. Contact AgServices for a quote today on 3238 6048.

Meet the producers

Read the case studies below to find out how the AgForward project helped landholders improve property planning and productivity.

Anthony 'Bim' and Susan Struss, Havelock. Technology helps Mitchell grazier plot a course to greater property management.

Ann and Rick Britton, Goodwood Station, understand the importance of combining generational knowledge with technology.

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