Wandoan Advanced CSG Negotiation Support Workshop

Date: Thursday, 20 April, 2017
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Wandoan, Queensland 4419
Are you concerned about CSG or negotiating an agreement? Our CSG and Mining team will be delivering a free Advanced CSG Negotiation Support workshop in Wandoan, providing information on the latest updates and developments in the region.

Whether you're actively managing CSG or negotiating, been approached to negotiate or have an interest, this workshop is for you.

With approximately 6,800 production wells drilled so far and estimates of 18,000 wells required across the industry, there is still significant development to occur.

Over the past 12 months there have been important changes to legislation and policy regarding the land access process, bore impact framework (make good) as well as groundwater impact predictions and oversight of the CSG industry.

This workshop will provide landholders with the latest information regarding these legislative changes as well as updates to regional development of the resources industry while also giving landholders the opportunity to discuss their experiences with CSG and share with other landholders managing resource activities.

In addition to these recent changes the workshop will also provide landholders with:
  • Changes to the groundwater management framework including the ability to engage professional groundwater advice;
  • Introduction of a dispute resolution process for Make Good agreements
  • Standardised 'restricted lands' around some property infrastructure creating buffer zones;
  • Proposed introduction of a Land Access Ombudsmen to hear disputes in CCA negotiations; and
  • Proposal for landholders to engage professional agronomy advice or similar during CCA negotiations.
Landholders will also have the opportunity to talk with staff from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines CSG Compliance.

This may be the last workshop in your region, so registrations are essential.

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