Mapping Services

AgForce Projects now offers GIS and Property Mapping services for a small fee.

Due to a decrease in property mapping services under currently funded projects all property mapping products and services and now fee based to at least recover costs to maintain this capability.  A numbers of products are available to meet your property mapping requirements.
AgForce members receive a 35 to 40% discount on the range of products.

The products delivered are based on your property Lot on Plan numbers.  Refer to your current rates notice for a complete list of your numbers.  Please ensure they are correct before submitting your request.

To access the range of products and submit your order please refer to the links below.

Need a Property Digital Dataset mapping pack?

Cannot get to one of our property computer mapping workshops and you want to achieve 'above industry' standard for property mapping in the Grazing BMP?  This pack will get you started.  You will receive AGDATA's latest Phoenix software installation file, some mapping data, like the latest vegetation, to get your started and a copy of our latest property computer mapping workbook (PDF).

You can install Phoenix and use it in demonstration mode (unlicenced) allowing you to make a start on your property map.  Some functions are deactivated while in demonstration mode.  AgForce is a reseller of all Phoenix modules.  If you decide to purchase a licence for any module, like mapping, you will have full functionality once the licence is activated.

AgForce members receive a 10% discount on all Phoenix modules.

Satellite Imagery

Good quality imagery can greatly assist with the creation of your property map.  AgForce has partnered with Geoimage to provide you with the best price for high quality imagery of your property. For more information regarding imagery and how to obtain a quote please click here.

AgForce members receive a 15% discount.

Property Mapping Services

Property computer mapping is a valuable management tool for your business.  If you are starting out and require assistance to map your property not only do you receive the data required but we also ensure you have the ability to use this data once your map is complete.  Contact us for a quote.

GIS Services
AgForce Projects can provide GIS services for your project or business.  If your project requires mapping assistance from a strategic and/or operational level we can provide basic mapping services to support your deliverables. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Looking for products for multiple properties? Please email the Spatial team with your detailed request.

Any further queries can be directed to (07) 3236 3100.

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