Understanding Satellite Imagery

Due to licencing restrictions the SPOTMaps 2012 satellite imagery is no longer available for free.  AgForce has partnered with Geoimage to provide you with the best price for high quality imagery of your property, to help with your property mapping needs. AgForce members receive a 15% discount.

Below are examples of satellite imagery at different resolutions, the smaller the on ground pixel size the higher the clarity or resolution of the image. Geoimage can provide you with a quote for whichever resolution best suits your needs. To request a quote click here.

  50cm  1.5m 2m
  2.5m  5m 30m

How can property computer mapping help you?

Property computer mapping provides a birds' eye view of your property from which you can map, monitor and improve productivity.  It is an effective management tool allowing you plan new infrastructure, paddock design, calculate paddock areas, water planning and management, monitoring land condition, forage budgeting and implementing grazing schemes.

Why do you need high quality satellite imagery?

High quality imagery can help with property mapping by making it easier to identify infrastructure such as houses, roads, fencing and water points. Image resolution of 1.5 to 2.5 metres should suit most property mapping requirements.  Archive imagery (older imagery) is cheaper and it's recommended to only consider a new capture if you have made changes to your property design.

For more information on the satellites that take the different types of imagery visit Geoimage.
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