GPS Workshops

GPS Essentials workshops demonstrate how to use hand-held GPS units effectively
and troubleshoot problems producers may have.

Workshops cover how to capture property information with a GPS device to better navigate around property, recording landscape information and upload GPS data into property mapping software.

Training is nationally accredited and can help you towards a Certificate III in Agriculture. The key learning outcomes are:
  • Understanding how satellite navigation works and determining the hand-held unit that will suit your property management requirements.
  • Making sure your hand-held unit is set to the correct coordinate system.
  • Learn how to set up and use a GPS hand-held unit, capturing waypoints and tracks and how to navigate with this information and get the most out of elevation data.
  • Linking our property computer mapping program to your GPS unit, along with downloading and uploading property data from your map.
GPS workshops are delivered as 'fee-for-service' through the Fitzroy Basin Grazing Training Reimbursement Program. Attending a GPS workshop costs $490.00 per person. Graziers within the FBA region can receive up to 70% back for the training cost.

If you or a group of producers are interested in a GPS workshop please contact us for more details.

Ben and Julie Pini of Lancewood Station near Moranbah attended a workshop and learned how to find and capture the location of underground pipelines.

"Poly-pipe is a big thing for property owners to manage," he said.

"To be able to record where the polypipe is and its size is so handy; if one poly breaks, the amount of time you'd save when fixing it is huge."

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