Property Maps and Data

There are two levels of mapping are available to assist you with property management which are paper maps and digital dataset.

Paper maps
Paper maps are still used today to assist with property planning, but should be considered as a visualisation tool rather than a planning tool unless you use clear overlays with your map to mark up property resources.

Property maps available are:
Click on any of the above to view an example of these maps.

Digital dataset

For those using a computer mapping program, you can request this data. Below provides an overview of what layers can be provided for each property:

Satellite imagery
•    Landsat 25m 1988 to 2014 (13 years of images)       

Access to satellite imagery suitable for property computer mapping like SPOTMaps 2.5m is available on Google Earth using AgData's Phoenix Mapping software. If you cannot access Google Earth easily, you may have to consider purchasing imagery. Please contact us on (07) 3236 3100 to discuss your options.

Images are supplied as GeoTIFF unless your mapping program can only import an alternative format like bitmap (BMP). Please identify the mapping program you are using on the request form.

Vegetation Management Act
This series of vegetation data could include: regulated vegetation management; vegetation supporting; essential habitats; wetlands and watercourses layers.

Mapping layers
Hover your mouse over each of the mapping layers below to view a full list of digital data you could receive for your property.

•    Property cadastre
•    10m contours
•    Land types
•    Wetlands
•    Vegetation

All mapping layers are supplied as shapefiles.

All layers are projected to the Map Grid of Australia (GDA/UTM) and the map zone your property is located in.

All products supplied are based on the property Lot on Plan information you provide when requesting any of the above products.
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