Property computer mapping can help plan infrastructure, monitor and improve productivity. It can assist with the management and planning of infrastructure like fences and irrigation lines, calculating paddock areas, monitoring water points and implementing management tools like cell grazing schemes and fire management plans.

With the right mapping software landholders can access mapping data via the internet from satellite imagery to the latest state government mapping data. Having the capacity to access this data provides you with a means of creating an effective property map.

Attendees to our workshops receive satellite imagery and some state government mapping data of their properties and are taught how to build on it using mapping software to create an effective property map.

Digital Mapping workshops

Digital mapping is a highly effective property management tool, helping producers improve productivity and planning, coordinating pest management programs, prepare funding applications such as Reef Rescue grants, and for undertaking grazing land management.

For landholders impacted by CSG, a comprehensive property map and plan will put you in the best position to demonstrate how CSG activities will impact your property and to negotiate where and when a CSG company can conduct its mining activities.

AgForce Projects currently delivers free digital mapping workshops in the Surat, Galilee and Bowen through the Landholder CSG Support Project. These workshops include a demo only version of Phoenix Mapping.

Property computer mapping workshops in the FBA region

AgForce Projects are now delivering property computer mapping workshops in the Fitzroy Basin region. 

Through these workshops landholders will receive:
  • Nationally accredited property computer mapping training
    • Learn the basics of property computer mapping and build a base level property map
    • Start to draw your property infrastructure e.g. paddocks, fences and water points
    • Property data analysis: buffering objects for water/riparian/grazing planning; attach photos for monitoring purposes; create Grazing Pressure reports; 3D mapping; linkages with Phoenix Grazing
    • See how using your property computer map can assist with property management
    • Link a handheld GPS to download and upload property information
    • Print your property map
  • Phoenix Mapping software (latest version) valued at $585
  • Your property's latest digital data and the latest government vegetation mapping
  • Get a start on your own property map and save your work to USB (supplied) to take home and continue your property map and plan
There are two options to complete this training:
  1. $990 - full training package, spatial data and a licence of Phoenix Mapping
  2. $610.50 - full training package and spatial data (enterprise already owns a licence of Phoenix Mapping.
Price is per enterprise (up to two people). An additional cost of $200.00 per person will be incurred, if more than two people per enterprise wishes to attend. 

Claim back up to 70% of training costs
Any landholder who owns or manages grazing land within the Fitzroy Basin area is eligible to claim back 70% of workshop costs (up to $700).

Once you have completed the course you will need to provide FBA your certificate of participation/attainment, your course invoice from the training provider, completed reimbursement application form, invoice addressed to FBA for the amount of 70% of the total course cost - capped at $700 (per financial year) and your completed training feedback sheet.
Refund Policy
AgForce conducts training under a number of funding arrangements including:
  • Government funded courses which may or may not require a student co-contribution fee
  • Fee for service type workshops
  • Fee for service training and recognition programs
For Government funded courses (User Choice, Certificate III Guarantee, Higher Level Skills for example) AgForce may charge a Co-Contribution Fee. Enrolments cannot be accepted until this fee is paid.

Fee for service workshops must be paid for in advance to allow sufficient planning. For courses incurring student fees, should AgForce Training cancel any such course, participants shall be entitled to a full refund or transfer of funds to a future course.
  • At least five working days' notice of cancellation is required for a full refund less an admin charge of $20.00.
  • Cancellations with less than five working days' notice will result in a 50% refund of course fees paid
  • Cancellation within 24 hours or less of commencement will result in full loss of fees
  • Students who leave before course completion due to medical reasons or personal hardship may request a pro-rata refund or credit subject to providing evidence.
Your registration cannot be confirmed until payment is received in full.

By registering you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions as set out above.

These workshops are delivered by AgForce Projects in conjunction with Fitzroy Basin Association Grazing Training Reimbursement Program.
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